• Unlimited Backups
Backup your site monthly, weekly or even daily and never be concerned about loosing any of your content. We never restrict the number of backups that you can perform and don’t worry, we never charge extra for the number of backups you perform.

  • Full Backups
WPBackItUp does complete backups of your entire site, every time. This includes your database, themes, plugins and even your media uploads. If it's something you add to your site then we back it up.  

  •  Backup Database/ Backup of files
            Option to create backups of your database or your files, or both

  • Download Backup
            Download your backup files for migration

  • Single File Backup Set
We added back the single file backup option, you can now download one single zip file for all of your backup files.

  • Import Backup 
            Upload your backup file to restore it right away

  • Manage Backup 
            Delete backups and  View backups 

  • Backup Cancellation 
            Cancel the backup process while it is not finished yet

  • Cleanup 

We know your hosts limit the number of backups you can store online. WPBackItUp allows you to control the number of backup archives that remain on your site. Save 1 or 10, just tell us how many and we will handle the cleanup.

  • Site Migration / Site Clone

Need a way to easily migrate your site to another host? We do that too! Backup your site from your existing host and restore it with your new one, it’s that easy.

  • Restore 

We don’t just do backups. After all, what good is a backup if you can’t restore it. WPBackItUp allows you to restore your entire site from a backup. This includes all your database content, themes, plugins and even media uploads. Best of all the restore is just as easy as the backups.

  • Safe 

Backups are only good if you have them around when you need them. This is why WPBackItUp allows you to download all your backups. Save them somewhere safe on your PC, external drive, google drive, or even Dropbox, it’s up to you.

  • Reminders 

Can’t remember to do your backups, well we can’t either. Signup for our backup reminder service and we will remind you to perform your backups. And while we’re at it, we’ll even send you status updates to tell you that your backup finished.

  • Support 

We know backups are extremely important to you or you wouldn’t be on this site in the first place. WPBackItUp provides some of the best support in the business. We respond to every request and do our best to resolve any issues you might encounter as quickly as possible. Support requests may be submitted to http://support.wpbackitup.com/support/tickets/new