We hope it never happens but just like all other software products, we sometimes run into trouble. When this happens we will most likely ask you to turn on logging to help us determine what is going on with your install. Our logging feature makes a record of every operation that is being performed during the backup and restore processes. We use these logs to pinpoint issues so we can offer some helpful advice or even an update to the plugin if necessary. Logging is turned off by default and should only be turned on when asked by support.


The logging option can be found in the setting section of the plugin. To turn on logging, simply select the “Yes” option and click the “Save” button. This option tells WPBackItUp to generate the log files that will help us determine the cause of your trouble. Once we have identified and resolved the problem this option should be turned off.

Turn On Logging

Sending Logs

Sending your logs to support is just as easy as generating them. To send your logs to support use the support section of the plugin. Simply enter the ticket number you were provided in your support request and your email address. If you don’t have a ticket id then one may be created using our support portal. If you would like to send us some additional information then it may be added to the description section.

Send Logs