Is WPBackItUp Community Edition really free?

Yes, we have provided WPBackItUp Community Edition (CE)  free to the WordPress community since 2012. We do this because we don’t want there to be any reason you aren’t backing up your WordPress site, it’s that important. The free version is made possible by our generous premium customers. Please use WPBackItUp free for as long as needed but if you are able, consider supporting our community by becoming a premium customer. See for details.

Is there a Single File BackUp Set?

Yes, This feature will allow you to create a full backup that is contained in a single zip file. This feature will be turned on by default when you upgrade to the current premium version but may be turned off if desired. To turn off this option, simply unchecked the Single File Backup Set option found in WPBackItUp settings. If for some reason WPBackItUp is unable to create single file backups with your host, then this setting will be automatically turned off.


Can I manually restore my WPBackItUp archive(zip)?

Sure! The backup archive generated by WPBackItUp contains everything you need to restore your WordPress site. We even created a guide to help you. Please see for details.

Is there an easier way to restore my backup zips?


Yes, the premium version of WPBackItUp provides a one click restore option. If you can click a button then you can restore your site. Please see  for pricing info and our no-risk offer.

How long do backups take?

WPBackItUp is really fast. Unless your site is extremely large(many gigabytes) it should only take a few minutes for your backup to complete. If your back up has been running for longer than 15 minutes then there may be an issue. Before contacting support please close your browser and try the backup again. If it continues happening, contact support.

Will the plugin work on shared hosts, sub domains or my host?

Yes, WPBackItUp has been around since 2012 and has over 80,000 installs all over the world. WPBackItUp can be used safely and easily on most hosts and set-ups.

Will WPBackItUp work on Windows hosting?

Yes. WPBackItUp works on both Windows and Linux hosts. WPBackItUp even works with WordPress sites hosted on Windows Azure.

Does this plugin backup to Amazon S3, Dropbox or Google drive?

Yes for Dropbox and you can signup here WPBackItUp Safe Beta   The Amazon S3 and Google Drive feature will be available in an upcoming version of WPBackItUp. We listen to requests so if this is an important feature to you then please let us know by submitting a feature request.

Is there an auto back up schedule feature?

Yes! scheduled backups are available in personal, professional and premium versions of WPBackItUp Backup & Restore .

Will WPBackItUp work with WordPress version x.x?

WPBackItUp works on the current release of WordPress and is updated to function with all new releases.

Can my backup be used to restore to a different version of WordPress?

This is a tough one. In many cases the backups created by WPBackItUp can be used to restore to a different version of WordPress but this is not recommended. It is very important that you keep all your WordPress versions the same but if you find yourself in this situation then all may not be lost.  Please contact support before attempting this on your own.

Will WPBackitup work on WordPress Multisite?

Yes, WPBackitup is able to restore your entire network and is compatible with WordPress Multisite (WPMS) installs.

Does WPBackItUp backup the WordPress database?

Yes it does. Your entire database will be exported into a SQL file and saved in the backup archive created by WPBackItUp. This file is used by WPBackItUp premium to restore your site and may be also be used for manual restores. Please see for information about WPBackItUp premium or for manual-restore instructions

Does the plugin backup the database details as well?

Yes, the database export contains everything related to the database.

Can I make a basic WordPress site, with all my desired plugins and settings, make a few pages, setup permalinks, remove all the default junk and then use it as a template for all my new WordPress sites?

Yes. WPBackItUp is used by many professional designers & developers just this way. Once you have your WordPress site setup the way you want, just back it up and use that backup archive as a starting point for all your new sites.

Does WPBackItUp need to be installed?

Yes, WPBackItUp is just like any other WordPress plugin. You must install it on any site that you wish to perform a backup or restore.

Does WPBackitup backup plugins settings or just the plugins themselves?

WPBackitup creates a backup of everything. This includes plugins, plugin settings, themes, theme settings, pages, posts, users, uploads, everything.

Do you have any idea when a WordPress site becomes too large for WPBackItUp to handle?

WPBackItUp can be used to backup very large sites. We've tested up to 5 themes, 20 plugins and more than 100 posts/pages without any issues.

Do you do regularly update this product to match with WP version updates?

Yes. We continually improve WPBackItUp and test it with every new version of WordPress.

I am not running the most recent version of WPBackItUp. Should I upgrade?

Yes, please make sure you are always running the current version of WPBackItUp.

Are licenses good for a lifetime?

No, each license is good for one calendar year from the date of purchase. Your license may be renewed for additional years at substantially discounted rates.

Can I purchase a personal license & upgrade later?

Of course. You can buy a personal license to start and if you need to upgrade later then we will only charge you the difference between your original license and the new one.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we offer refunds for the first 30 days with no questions. We do this because we know that once you give us a try you won’t look back.

What types of payment do you accept?  

Currently we accept online payments using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express & PayPal.

Where can I find my license key?

When you purchase your license you will be emailed a license key with install instructions. You will also be prompted to create an account which will provide access to all your license keys. You may access your account using the “Account” link found at the top of every page on the site.

What do I get with my license?

Your license grants you access to all of our support resources, documentation and product updates for one calendar year from your purchase date. Professional license holders will receive priority support.

Will my backups stop working when my license expires?

No! If your license expires, your backups will continue to work unless something changes with WordPress. However, you will no longer have access to product updates.

My download link expired! What do I do now?

When you purchased your license you were prompted to create an account. This account provides access to all your license keys and plugin downloads. You may access your account using the “Account” link found at the top of every page on the site. If you have any problems then just shoot us an email via our contact form and we’ll be glad to help.

Will WPBackItUp work on Joomla, Drupal or Orchard sites?

Not yet. WPBackItUp Forms was designed specifically for WordPress. We are considering creating plugins for other content management systems in the future.

Do I need to install first the Community Edition ( free version) in order to use / activate the Premium License?

Yes, If you bought the Premium License you must install first the Community Edition ( free version) to activate the Premium License. 

Have additional questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our plugin. Questions may be submitted via the contact form link found at the top of every page on

Further Support & Feedback

General support questions should be posted in the WordPress support forums. If you are WPBackItup premium customer then support requests may be submitted to Support.